Group Companies


Sugar And Power

Acquired a sick sugar factory with a view to revive and provide employment to the local youth and to lend a helping hand to sugar cane growers/farmers.

The sugar production has been increased from 1250TCD to 3500TCD. The company which was a standalone sugar unit forayed into production of power from bagasse and coal since October 2008 with an established capacity of 24.2 MW. In a sugar mill, bagasse, which is a by-product, is used for production of electricity and steam through a co-generation plant. The surplus power is being supplied to State Government Distribution Companies.

The Company started construction of an Ethanol Plant in 2014, which is operational since the beginning of FY16. The ethanol plant gives highly rectified spirit; extra neutral spirit and ethanol are produced by the distillery unit, which has an ever-growing demand in sectors like Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals.


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